Barcelona tram – network and practical information for passengers

Since 2004 there is a tram in Barcelona again.

In our guide,  you will find all the important information for passengers and practical tips on how to use the tram in Barcelona.


Decommissioning + new tram in from Barcelona

The tram of Barcelona was shut down in 1971. Only the “Tramvia Blau”, which still operates today with historic cars, was remaining for tourists.

Since 2004 there is a modern tram in Barcelona again (Image: Ricardo Ricote Rodríguez, CC 2.0 licence)

New tram since 2004

2004, the tram was revived. Local transport in Barcelona has been expanded. Now modern trains are running on the still expanding network.

From the old tram, the historic tram “Tramvia Blau” has been preserved. It runs on a 1.3 km long route (Image: Pablo A. Araujo G., CC 2.0 licence)

Two route networks without connection

This also explains the curiosity of the Barcelona tram. The rails are divided into two not yet connected networks.
The networks are named after their end stops.

The network “Trambaix” with the lines T1, T2, and T3 after the Comarca Baix Llobregat and the “Trambesòs” network with the lines T4, T5 and T6 after “Sant Adria de Besos”.
In 2024 there are 6 tram lines running on almost 30 km of rail network.
Some tram stops also offer direct connections to the Barcelona metro.

Network 1: Trambaix

The Trambaix tram network connects “Baix Llobregat” with the borough of Les Corts. ). It carries almost 2 million passengers per week per year.

Trambaix line plan / map

Tram Barcelona Trambaix route map

Network 2: Trambesòs

The Trambesòs tram network connects the city centre of Barcelona with the districts of “Sant Adrià de Besòs” and “Badalona”.

The lines T5 and T6 start at the central station Glòries, where there is also a connection to the metro.

Trambesòs line plan / map

Trambesos Tram Route map Barcelona

Operating hours of the tram

Monday to Friday, Sunday and public holidays: 5.00 am – midnight
Friday, Saturday and the evening before public holidays: 5:00 – 2:00

Ticket for the tram in Barcelona – overview, current prices (2024)

The entire fare system of the Barcelona public transport is city-wide organized by the “Autoritat del Transport Metropolità”.
Whether single ticket, 10 journey ticket (T-Casual) or travel card “Hola BCN”, here you will find information and current prices. So you can find easily the right ticket for your stay in Barcelona.
Knowing, which ticket fits best to your needs, saves a lot of holiday time and money.

Our tip in brief:
– if you don’t like to read details about the fare systems and the Barcelona public transport network –

hola bcn ticket

For most visitors of the city the “Hola BCN” day ticket is the best choice.

With this card, you can use unlimited the metro, bus, tram and suburban trains (Rodalies, Zone 1) during the entire validity period (2, 3, 4 or 5 days).
The metro ride to and from the airport is also included. You don’t have to buy the “metro airport ticket” (11 euros – round trip).

The “Hola BCN!” card is, compared to other big European cities, very cheap. The actual price (2024) is, depending on the chosen validity period, between 8,15 and 8.75 euro per day.

Save time and stress, by buying the „Hola BCN“ travel card online before departure

 Here you can buy the „Hola BCN“ card online

Save yourself time and stress abroad.

The Hola BCN! Online Ticket can be purchased via this website (in English).
With an online ticket, you don’t have to deal with ticket purchase and fare systems after a flight. You already have the right ticket to get from the airport to the city and/or back by metro or RENFE train.

Tramvia blue – historical tram

A ride in the “Tramvia Blau” (Catalan for “blue tramway”) is not just an pleasant experience for tram enthusiast. The trains are more than 100 years old and the last survivors of the historic tram of Barcelona, which was closed in 1971.

The approximately 1.3 km (1 mile) long route avoids the steep climb to the mountain Tibidabo (520m). The Tibidabo offers a great view of the city and the surrounding of Barcelona. He is also famous for the “Parque d’Atracccions” amusement park.

These historic trams were left over when the tramway was almost disbanded in 1971 – today an attraction (Image: B. Sigurbjörnsson, CC 2.0 licence)

Tram Barcelona tip

The ride in the Tramvia Blau is like a little trip back in time (Image: Ingolf, CC 2.0 Licence)

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