Transfer: How do I get from Girona airport to Barcelona city center?

Girona Airport is a cheap alternative to Barcelona-El Prat Airport for many travelers to Barcelona. The airport is located about 90 kilometers northeast of Barcelona and is mainly served by low-cost airlines (e.g. Ryanair). There are several ways to get from Girona airport to Barcelona city center.

Here you will find helpful information and our experiences on the different transfer options, current prices (2024) and our tips on buying tickets.


Bus connection with Sagalés – direct, easy and comfortable to Barcelona

The bus is a comfortable and easy way to travel from Girona Airport to Barcelona. The company Sagalés offers direct buses. Bus schedules are coordinated with airline schedules.

Buses run directly from Girona Airport to Barcelona Nord station, near the Arc de Triomf in downtown Barcelona. The trip takes about 75 minutes, depending on traffic. This means you don’t have to change buses and can get to your destination directly and without stress. Currently (as of 2024), a ticket for the Barcelona bus costs 19.50 euros.

Our tip: Buy bus tickets in advance

You can book your bus trip online in advance – go directly to the provider here.

This will save you time and stress on the spot.

The booking is made via a website in English. In our experience, there are fewer misunderstandings.

More detailed information about the bus transfer Girona Airport ↔ Barcelona can be found on this extra page.

Transfer Girona Barcelona bus

The modern buses of Sagalés take you directly from Girona Airport to the center of Barcelona (Photo: ©Miquel Segura Llop).

Transfer by train from Girona airport to Barcelona

ATTENTION: Girona Airport does not have its own train station. Travelers wishing to travel to Barcelona by train must first get to the main train station in the city center of Girona. From there, there are regular train connections to Barcelona.

To get to Girona train station, you can either take a taxi or, cheaper, the 607 bus, which takes about 25 minutes and currently (2024) costs 2.80 euros.

DOWNLOAD: Timetable for bus line 607 Girona airport – Girona bus station

The train journey to Barcelona takes between 39 minutes (AVE – high speed train) and 2 hours (regional train), depending on the type of train. Arrival in Barcelona is at the Barcelona – Sants station. Prices for AVE tickets depend on the time of booking and availability. A standard ticket usually costs between 16 and 25 euros.

AVE Train Girona Barcelona

The AVE high speed train connects the cities of Girona and Barcelona – but there is no train station directly at Girona Airport!

Our tip: Book train tickets online

You can book tickets for the train from Girona station to Barcelona online in advance – saving time and stress on the spot.
Click here to go directly to the website.

The website is in English – in our experience this reduces misunderstandings.

➤ For more detailed information about train transfers from Girona airport to Barcelona, please visit this extra page on the subject.

Bus or train – which is the better transfer option Girona ↔ Barcelona?

There are two options to transfer from Girona airport to Barcelona by public transport: Bus and train.
Both options have their own advantages and disadvantages, which we have summarized below.

Barcelona Bus (Sagalés)
AVE Train

ConnectionsFrequent departures
Timetable is coordinated with flight times
few connections, especially during the day
Travel time1:15 hoursat least 1:45 hours (depending on waiting time, transfer, …)
AccessibilityDirectly from Girona airport –
no transfer necessary
Transfer from the airport to Girona train station required
FlexibilityWaiting for delayed flightsFixed departure times
No flexibility in case of flight delays
Comfort– Baggage transport easily possible
– High availability of seats
– Modern buses with WLAN/air conditioning
– Transport of luggage to the station necessary
– Seat reservation required
– Comfortable train
Costs/ticket prices 202419.50 EuroPrice varies depending on availability/time of booking

Our conclusion: The bus is the easiest, most comfortable and uncomplicated transfer option

For us, the Barcelona bus is clearly the best transfer option. It leaves directly from Girona airport. In case of flight delays, the bus adjusts its departure time and waits.
The journey to the destination in Barcelona at the Barcelona North bus station takes approximately 75 minutes without changing buses.

The return journey from Barcelona to Girona airport is equally straightforward.

In our experience, the train transfer to Barcelona is particularly worthwhile if you are also planning a stay in Girona.

Frequently asked questions – FAQ 2024

There are several ways to get from Girona Airport to Barcelona by public transport. One of the most popular is certainly the so-called Barcelona Bus from Sagalés, which connects Girona Airport directly with the center of Barcelona (Estació del Nord bus station). Another option is to take the train. However, the airport does not have a train station, so you will have to get from the airport to Girona train station.

In addition to public transportation, there are of course taxis and private shuttles that can be booked for the trip to Barcelona.

For more information and our tips, as well as current prices (2024), please visit our website.

By bus, the journey from Girona Airport to Barcelona city center takes approximately 1 hour and 15 minutes, while the transfer by train, including the journey to Girona train station, can take considerably longer.

For more information, including current prices (2024), please visit our website.