Barcelona-El Prat Airport: taxis, private shuttle

Tips, timetables and prices 2024

Despite El Prat Airport’s easy access to Barcelona’s metro network, many travellers prefer to take a taxi or private shuttle to get into the city center or to their final destination.

If your destination is on the outskirts of Barcelona or not close to a public transport station, a taxi or private shuttle can be a viable alternative for airport transfers.

Here you will find all the important information and tips on using taxis and private shuttles for airport transfers.


Taxi El Prat Airport

Taxis are easy to find at El Prat Airport. You just have to follow the signs in the terminal.

Where are the taxis at the airport?

Many taxis are waiting for passengers at Barcelona-El Prat Airport 24/7. You will find the taxi ranks in front of the arrivals areas in both Terminal 1 and Terminal 2. The taxi ranks are very well signposted in the terminal and are therefore easy to find.

Official taxis in Barcelona are black and yellow. The taxis are waiting in a line for passengers. Attention: you cannot just hail a taxi, you must take the first one in line.

What is the journey time from El Prat airport to Barcelona city center by taxi?

The journey time to the city center is approximately 25–40 minutes. The time depends very much on the traffic. This varies greatly depending on the time of day, but traffic jams should always be expected.

Fare: How much does a taxi ride to central/downtown Barcelona cost?

There is no fixed price for a taxi ride from El Prat airport to the center of Barcelona. However, there is a minimum price. This is currently (2024) €21 for a taxi ride from the airport. From 8 pm to 8 am, the night fare applies.

But for 21 euros you won’t get to the city center. This amount is only enough for the districts around the airport.

If you would like to arrange a fixed price for the airport transfer before your trip, then a private airport shuttle is recommended.

On this website you will find many different providers (including prices) you can book online in advance. This will help you avoid the queues at the taxi ranks after your arrival:

El Prat Airport Taxis

Black and yellow taxis are queuing in front of the terminals.

Are private shuttles an alternative to taxis?

In addition to the classic taxis, there are other companies that offer a trip to and from the airport. The benefit to you as a customer is:

You can book the whole thing online in advance. The price is fixed. This saves you time and stress on site. This website shows the offer including prices of the different providers at a glance. 
With many providers, the driver is waiting directly in the arrival area of the terminal, holding a name sign. It couldn’t be simpler.

If you have special requirements, e.g. a minibus for a group tour or a coach for a larger group. Everything can be conveniently booked online in advance.

Conclusion – for whom is a taxi/private shuttle the right way of transport?

A taxi or private shuttle could be the right choice for you

  • if you want to get to your destination comfortably and the fare is not the main consideration.
  • If your destination is not in the city center or near a metro station (e.g. in the outskirts of Barcelona).
  • If you want to get to the port with a lot of luggage to start a cruise. There are providers who specialize in this.
  • If you don’t feel like dealing with local transport, route maps etc. after a long flight.
Shuttle Barcelona Airport

If you would like to agree on a fixed price before the trip or have special requirements for the vehicle (van, minibus…), then an online booked shuttle with driver is an interesting alternative to the taxi.

Public transport: metro, train, bus – an alternative to the taxi?

Of course, it is cheaper to take the subway/metro, the train or the Aerobús shuttle bus from the airport to the city center than by taxi.

Barcelona-El Prat Airport has been connected to the metro network since 2016. Each terminal has its own metro station. The journey times (approx. 30 minutes) with the metro are of course easier to plan than with a taxi, since the metro is independent of traffic jams on the streets.

There is an Aerobús stop in front of each of the two terminal buildings. This airport shuttle bus also offers a good connection to the city center.

The train R2Nord has its own train station at the airport. The train takes about 20 minutes to get to Barcelona-Sans central station.

terminal 1 metro el prat airport

The Terminal 1 metro station is located directly below the terminal building (Image: 9pm, CC 4.0 license)

➤ More information on the metro connection Airport → City Center (journey time, stops, online tickets …).

Terminal 1 Aerobús

Aerobús: The stop for the shuttle bus to the center of Barcelona is right at the terminal building.

➤ More information about the Aerobús connection Airport → City Center (journey time, stops, online tickets…)

Frequently asked questions – FAQ 2024

Depending on traffic, a taxi takes approximately 25–40 minutes from Barcelona-El Prat Airport to downtown Barcelona. Of course, the exact travel time also depends on where your destination is.

You can find more information in our online airport guide.

The minimum price for a taxi ride from the airport is currently (2024) 21 euros. Otherwise, there is no fixed price. The actual fare depends on where exactly you want to go. In addition to taxis, there are private shuttles that you can conveniently book in advance online, e.g. via this website.

You can find more information in our online airport guide.

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