Aerobús: Express bus from El Prat airport to the city center

Aerobús offers a direct bus service (no changing) from Barcelona-El Prat airport to Barcelona city center (Plaça Catalunya and Plaça Espanya). The modern buses are equipped with free Wi-Fi and a ramp for wheelchair users.

Here you can find important tips, current prices (2024), timetables and other information about the Aerobús transfer from the airport to the city center of Barcelona and/or back.


A1 and A2 BCN

There are two lines of the Aerobús. Line A1 goes to Terminal 1, A2 to Terminal 2.

Where are the Aerobús stops at Barcelona-El Prat Airport?

There are Aerobús stops at each of the two terminals (T1 and T2). They are clearly signposted and therefore easy to find. There is a separate Aerobús line for each terminal: Terminal 1 – Aerobús A1, Terminal 2 – Aerobús A2. Especially when returning to the airport, you must therefore make sure you take the right bus. The buses are clearly marked with their destination (either Terminal 1 or Terminal 2).

Aerobús stop at Terminal 1

At Terminal 1, the Aerobús stop for the journey from the airport to the city center (line A1) is on level 0 (basement), directly in front of the terminal building.

Aerobús stop at Terminal 1 (base map:, ODbl 1.0 license)

Aerobús stop at Terminal 2

Terminal 2 has two stops for the Aerobús. Each of these is located directly in front of the terminal building. One stop is at section B (T2B), the other one is at section C (T2C). The Aerobús stops at this stop only on the way to the city center.

Aerobús stop at Terminal 2 (base map:, ODbl 1.0 license)

Route map and stops of the Aerobús A1 and A2

Besides the stops at the airport, there are only a few stops on the way to the center of Barcelona until the final stop at Plaça Catalunya. At all stops, there is the possibility to change to the Barcelona Metro.

Stops of line A1 (Terminal 1)

Route Airport → City Center:

  • Airport Terminal 1, Level 0
  • Plaça Espanya
  • Gran Via-Borell
  • Plaça Universitat
  • Plaça Catalunya (center)

Downtown → Airport route:

  • Plaça Catalunya (center)
  • Carrer – Sepúlveda
  • Plaça. Espanya
  • Terminal 1, level 3 (departure area)
  • Terminal 1, level 0 (arrivals area)

Line A2 stops (Terminal 2)

Airport → City Center route:

  • Airport Terminal 2, section T2B
  • Terminal 2, section T2C
  • Plaça Espanya
  • Gran Via-Borell
  • Plaça Universitat
  • Plaça Catalunya (city center)

Downtown → Airport section:

  • Plaça Catalunya (center)
  • Carrer – Sepúlveda
  • Plaça. Espanya
  • Terminal 2, section T2B

Information about Aerobús stops in central Barcelona

The two main stops in downtown Barcelona are “Plaça Espanya” and “Plaça Catalunya”.

Plaça Espanya: at this central square, which is actually a huge traffic circle, you will find an Aerobús stop on the western side of the square, right by the hotel “Catalonia Barcelona Plaza”.

The stops at Plaça Catalunya are directly in front of the large department store “El Corte Inglés”. Attention: There is one stop here for each of the two Aerobús lines. When returning to the airport, make sure you take the right bus. Line “A1” only goes to Terminal 1, line “A2” only to Terminal 2. The buses are clearly marked.

How much does it cost to travel with Aerobús? Current ticket prices (2024)

A ticket currently (2024) costs €6.75 one-way or €11.65 round-trip.
Children under 4 travel free. From the age of 4, they pay the full price. Unfortunately, this is also the case with the rest of Barcelona’s public transport system.

Tickets can either be bought directly from the bus staff or from the ticket machines in Terminals 1 and 2. In the city centre, these machines can also be found at the Plaça Catalunya bus stop.

Our advice: You can buy your tickets in advance on this website. This will save you time and stress at the airport. After the flight, all you have to do is get on the Aerobús and go.

How long does it take to get to the city center by Aerobús?

The journey takes about 35 minutes. Since buses depend on the traffic situation or traffic jams, it can take longer. Therefore, we recommend planning some time in reserve, especially for the return trip.

Aerobús Timetable/Operating Hours – How often do the shuttle buses run?

The buses run every 5-20 minutes depending on the terminal and daytime. There are no differences between weekdays, weekends and holidays.

Timetable Aerobús A1 Terminal 1→ Plaça Catalunya

Terminal 1Plaça Catalunya
5.35 am - 7.15 amevery 10 minutes
7.15 am - 10.30 pmevery 5 minutes
22.30 pm - 1.05 amevery 10 minutes
1.05 am - 5.35 amevery 20 minutes

Timetable Aerobús A1 Plaça Catalunya → Terminal 1

Plaça CatalunyaTerminal 1
5.00 am - 6.40 amevery 10 minutes
6.40 am - 9.55 pmevery 5 minutes
9.55 pm - 0.35 amevery 10 minutes
0.35 am - 5.00 amevery 20 minutes

Timetable Aerobús A2 Terminal 2 → Plaça Catalunya

Terminal 2Plaça Catalunya
5.35 am - 11.00 pmevery 10 minutes
11.00 pm - 5.35 amevery 20 minutes

Timetable Aerobús A2 Plaça Catalunya → Terminal 2

Plaça CatalunyaTerminal 2
5.00 am - 10.30 pmevery 10 minutes
10.30 pm - 5.00 amevery 20 minutes
Plaça Catalunya

Plaça Catalunya in the heart of Barcelona is the terminus of the Aerobús (Image: ©Yeagov_Cat)

Tips and advice for Aerobús passengers

All Aerobús buses have free Wi-Fi. There is also the option of charging electronic devices (mobile phones, …) via USB on the bus.

ATTENTION: Barcelona public transport tickets are NOT valid in the Aerobús! The Aerobús is run by a private company and is therefore not part of Barcelona’s public transport system. You need an extra ticket for the Aerobús! Our tips for buying tickets can be found above in the text.

Can I use the Aerobús with a wheelchair, stroller, bicycle or large luggage?

All items that were transported on the plane can also be taken on the Aerobús. There is a reserved area inside the buses for wheelchairs, prams, bicycles, … All buses are also equipped with a ramp for wheelchair users.

Can I take my dog with me on the Aerobús?

Pets may be taken along if they are transported in a transport box of suitable and approved dimensions. One animal is allowed per passenger.

Rules and regulations for using the Aerobús can change quickly. I cannot assume any guarantee or liability for any damage for the content of the pages.

Aerobús Barcelona

The Aerobús offers a fast and direct connection to the city center. With the opening of the metro line to the airport, he had competition.

Airport transfers by Aerobús or Metro/Train: which is the better choice?

Probably the most popular alternative to the Aerobús is the metro. Barcelona-El Prat Airport only got its own connection to the metro network a few years ago. That’s why you won’t find anything about it in older guidebooks or websites.

It also takes about 35 minutes by metro to get to the city center. However, this travel time is more constant, since the metro is not dependent on the traffic volume.

The R2 Nord train line takes you directly from the airport to Barcelona-Sants Central Station in 20 minutes.

Another advantage of the metro or train: unlike the Aerobús, the metro and train are part of Barcelona’s public transportation system. If you want to use local transport during your stay in Barcelona anyway, you can do so, for example, with the popular Hola Barcelona Travel Card. This is also valid for the airport line L9 of the metro and the train R2 Nord.

➤ Here you will find everything you need to know about taking the metro from the airport to the city center, including our tips on buying tickets – updated 2024

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Frequently Asked Questions – FAQ 2024

At Barcelona-El Prat Airport, there is a dedicated Aerobús stop at each terminal (T1 and T2). On the way to the city center, the express bus only stops at a total of 4 stops. The final stop is at Plaça Catalunya.

You can find more information in our online airport guide.

Currently (2024) a one-way ticket costs €6.75, for the return trip you pay €11.65. If you want to avoid queues to buy tickets and save yourself stress, you can buy tickets for the Aerobús online in advance on this page.

You can find more information in our online airport guide.

The Aerobús offers a comfortable transfer service. However, the travel time depends on the traffic situation on the streets of Barcelona and is therefore much less predictable than taking the metro or the train. The metro and the train also offers the popular “Hola Barcelona Travel Card” day pass, which you can use throughout Barcelona’s public transportation system.

You can find more information in our online airport guide.