Transfer: by public transport (metro, bus, train, taxi, …) from the airport ⟷ Barcelona city center & surroundings

How do I get from Barcelona-El Prat airport to the center of Barcelona?

El Prat airport is only 14 kilometers from the center of Barcelona. There are several public transport options for transfers to and from the airport.

In our Airport Guide you will find the most important information and tips for transfers to the city center and the surrounding area of Barcelona, including current prices (as of 2024).


By metro from El Prat airport to Barcelona city center

The metro line L9 Sud runs from Barcelona-El Prat Airport. You will find a dedicated metro stop for the L9 Sud line at both Terminal 1 and Terminal 2.

How much is the metro fare from the airport?

A one-way ticket currently (2024) costs €5.50.

ATTENTION: The standard tickets of the Barcelona Metro (single ticket, 10-ticket T-Casual) are NOT valid on the route to and from the airport! You need the extra Airport Ticket (Bitllet Aeroport).

Alternative to the Airport Ticket

For visitors to Barcelona, there is a good alternative to the expensive Airport Ticket. If you would like to use the public transport system during your stay in Barcelona, the day ticket “Hola Barcelona Travel Card” (Hola BCN!) is recommended. This day ticket is valid for 2 to 5 days

For the metro to the airport, the extra airport ticket is required.

Our advice: buy your day ticket for local transport online in advance

The Hola BCN! Ticket is also valid on the L9 Sud airport line of the Barcelona Metro! This saves you the €11 airport ticket. You can buy the day ticket online before you travel. The website is in English.

➤ The Hola BCN! Online Ticket can be purchased via this website (in English).

Fares and prices of the “Hola BCN!” travel card (2024)

2 days validity: €17.50
3 days validity: €25.50
4 days validity: €33.30
5 days validity: €40.80

You can buy the “Hola BCN” card before departure via this website. This may save time and stress.

→ Find out more about the Hola BCN! day ticket here.

metro bcn transfer

The L9 Sud metro has its own stop in both terminals at Barcelona-El Prat Airport.

How long does it take to get from the airport to the city center by metro?

The journey time from Barcelona-El Prat airport to the city center by metro is approximately 30 minutes, with services every 7 minutes. The last stop is the Zona Universitària.

You have the option of changing to other metro lines or the train at several stops to get to your final destination. It takes about 50 minutes to get to the central Plaça de Catalunya by metro, including changes.

→ Click here for more up-to-date information and tips on the metro connection between the airport and the city centre.

To the city center by Renfe train R2 Nord

Barcelona-El Prat Airport has its own train station called “Aeroport”. It is located at Terminal 2B.

Transfer by train: the fastest way to downtown Barcelona

The train offers the fastest option for airport transfers. The R2 Nord train line runs from the airport to Barcelona-Sants main station in just under 20 minutes, without changing trains. Other stops in the city center are Passeig de Gràcia, Barcelona El Clot and Sant Andreu Comtal.

barcelona transfer airport train

The R2 Nord train offers you a fast transfer option from the airport to Barcelona city centre without changing trains.

How much is the train fare from the airport?

A single ticket from the airport currently (2024) costs €4.60. This ticket is only valid for the train and does not entitle you to continue your journey by metro, bus, …

If you want to use the local transport in Barcelona, the day ticket “Hola Barcelona Travel Card” might be interesting for you. This card also allows you to use the train from the airport!

OUR ADVICE: You can buy the day ticket Hola BCN! Online in advance. This saves time & stress on site! The Hola BCN! Online Ticket can be purchased via this website (in English).

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Aerobús A1 & A2 – Transfer by airport shuttle bus

The airport shuttle bus Aerobús provides a direct bus service (without changing) from Barcelona-El Prat Airport to Barcelona city center (Plaça Catalunya and Plaça Espanya). Aerobús 1 goes to Terminal 1 and the Aerobús 2 line serves Terminal 2 at El Prat Airport.

What is the journey time by Aerobús from El Prat Airport to the city centre?

The travel time by Aerobús from the airport to the centre of Barcelona (Plaça Catalunya) is approximately 35 minutes. Of course, this depends mainly on the traffic.

Buses leave every 5 – 20 minutes, depending on the daytime and the terminal.

OUR TIP: You can buy tickets for the Aerobús online in advance on this website. This will save you time and stress on site.
All you have to do is board the Aerobús after your flight and set off.

Aerobús Barcelona

The Aerobús takes you directly from the airport to the city center without any changes.

By taxi from the airport to downtown

Besides public transport, there is of course the option of taking a taxi for the transfer to the hotel or the final destination.

You will find taxi ranks at both terminals in front of the arrivals areas. The official taxis in Barcelona are black and yellow. You should calculate about 25 – 45 minutes for the trip, depending on the daytime and traffic. The minimum price for a taxi ride from the airport is currently (2024) 21 euros. If you want to go to the city centre, the cost is between 30 – 40 euros.

taxi barcelona airport

There are taxis waiting for passengers 24/7 at the airport.

An alternative to the taxi: pre-ordered shuttle service

Besides the classic taxis, there is the possibility of booking a private shuttle with various companies in Barcelona. This is especially interesting if you want to fix the price for the trip from the airport.

Advantages of a private shuttle service:

  • The price for the journey is fixed in advance. There are no surprises when you pay the bill.
  • You can specify your wishes regarding the vehicle (e.g. van for groups, …)
  • You avoid the sometimes long queues at the taxi ranks.

➤ Here you can find an overview of the offers incl. prices of the different providers.

private shuttle airport bcn

The convenient way from the airport directly to the hotel – a private shuttle service.

Frequently asked questions – FAQ 2024

El Prat airport is just 14 kilometres from the city centre. Therefore, getting to and from the airport is uncomplicated in most cases. There are good connections to Barcelona’s public transport system.

In our Airport Guide you will find the various transfer options (train, Aerobús, taxi, metro, …), with current prices (2024) and journey times.

There is no fixed price for taking a taxi from El Prat airport to the centre of Barcelona. However, there is a minimum fare. This is currently (2024) €21 for a taxi ride from the airport.

However, you cannot get into the city centre for €21. For the journey to the city centre, you should calculate with 30 – 40 euros.

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Since 2016, El Prat Airport has been connected to the Barcelona metro network. There is a dedicated stop for the metro line “L9 Sud” in Terminal 1 (inside the building) and in Terminal 2 (outside the building). Both stops are well signposted in the airport.

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