Metro (subway) in Barcelona
information, tickets, network map & tips for passengers

In this travel guide, you will find important information for passengers and practical tips on using the Barcelona metro.

The metro in Barcelona is popular with locals and tourists. You can use it to travel through Barcelona quickly and without traffic jams. Since 2016, it also provides a fast connection from El Prat airport to the city center. (Image: P.Sableman, CC 2.0 license).


One metro network – two operating companies – two logos

The logos of the two metro operators in Barcelona. Above “TMB” bottom “FGC”. Both can be found at the entrance of a metro station. (Image: Fototenes, CC BY-SA 2.0 license)

Since 2014, the subway network is operated by two separate companies. The “Transports Metropolitans de Barcelona (TMB)” and “Ferrocarrils de la Generalitat de Catalunya (FGC)” companies share the network.

Two operators – two logos

Therefore you can find two different logos at the entrance of the metro stations. At metro stations where the lines of the TMB and FGC are crossing, both logos are used.

Two operators – one fare / one ticket

Thanks to the integrated fare system under the roof of the ATM “Autoritat del Transport Metropolità” (ATM), it makes little difference with which operator you are traveling.

Metro Barcelona – fast & reliable

The metro is very popular among locals and visitors. You can travel around in the city very fast and independently of road traffic and traffic jam. This is an unbeatable plus in the dense road traffic in Barcelona.

Metro Barcelona: Network map & lines

Since 1924, the Metro rolls through the underground of Barcelona. It was expanded piece by piece to today’s 12 lines with over 180 stations (2023).

The network of the Barcelona is operated by 2 companies. There are plans to expand the network continuously.
The lines do not have their own names. They are numbered from L1 to L12. Each line is also assigned a colour.

Download: Network map of Metro Barcelona (2023)

A free paper version of the metro network is available at every ticket counter.

List of current Metro lines (2023)

How to find the right ticket for the Barcelona Metro

The entire fare system of the Barcelona public transport is city-wide organized by the “Autoritat del Transport Metropolità”.
Whether single ticket, 10 journey ticket (T-Casual) or travel card “Hola BCN!”, here you will find information and current prices. So you can find easily the right ticket for your stay in Barcelona. Knowing  which ticket fits best to your needs, saves a lot of money and time abroad.

Our tip  – if you don’t like to read details about the fare systems and the Barcelona public transport network –

hola bcn ticket

For most visitors of the city the “Hola BCN” day ticket is the best choice.

With this card, you can use unlimited the metro, bus, tram and suburban trains (Rodalies, Zone 1) during the entire validity period (2, 3, 4 or 5 days).
The metro ride to and from the airport is also included. You don’t have to buy the “metro airport ticket” (10.30 euros – round trip).

The “Hola BCN!” card is, compared to other big European cities, very cheap. The actual price (2023) is, depending on the chosen validity period, between 7.65 and 8.20 euro per day.

Save time and stress, by buying the „Hola BCN“ travel card online before departure 

Here you can buy the „Hola BCN“ card online

Save yourself time and stress abroad.

The Hola BCN! Online Ticket can be purchased via this website (in English).
With an online ticket, you don’t have to deal with ticket purchase and fare systems after a flight. You already have the right ticket to get from the airport to the city and/or back by metro or RENFE train.

With the right ticket you can save a lot of time and money (picture: Passion Leica, CC 2.0 licence)

Accessibility for wheelchairs

wheelchair handicapedBecause the metro has been in operation since 1924, unfortunately not all stations are completely barrier-free or step-free. It is constantly improved, but the retrofit installation of elevators is extremely expensive, especially in the old stations.

8 of the almost 180 metro stations are not completely barrier-free and can’t be used without restrictions for wheelchair users or parents with pushchairs.

Barcelona Metro stations, which are not fully accessible:

Lini L1: Clot, Plaça de Sants, Espanya, Urquinaona
Lini L3: Espanya, Vallcarca Linie
Line L4: Maragall, Verdaguer, Urquinaona, Ciutadella-Vila Olímpica
Lini L5: Plaça de Sants, Virrei Amat, Maragall, Verdag

The metro company TMB recommends wheelchair users to use the second door in the first car of the subway train. This is how you are best seen by the driver.

Non-barrier-free changes (both directions):

Line L1: Catalunya L1/Rodalies suburban train ↔ L3/FGC (Metro L6/L7 and suburban train).

Line L1 / L2: Clot L1 ↔ L2

Line L2 / L4: Passeig de Gràcia suburban train↔ L3/Rodalies suburban train

Line L4: Ciutadella | Vila Olímpica ↔ Trambesòs

The metro is a quick way to get around Barcelona. (Image: © John Carter)

Tips for using the Metro in Barcelona

To enter and leave the station, you have to pass automated fare gates.

  • Touch your ticket on the validation devices at the start and again at the end of your journey to ensure the validity of your ticket or the correct fare is paid.
  • Make sure you use the correct validation device (right side) of the turnstile.
  • Don’t forget to pull the card out again.

Operating hours of the metro

  • Monday to Friday: 5.00 am – midnight.
  • Fridays and evenings before a public holiday: 5.00 am until 2.00 am
  • Saturday night: no interruptions
  • Sunday night: until midnight
Metro Barcelona Ticket

Make sure you use the correct validation device (right side) of the turnstile. (picture:

Are dogs or pets allowed on the Barcelona Metro?

The answer is not easy.

Here are the most important regulations for metro journeys with dogs:

  1. Assistance dogs, guide dogs and patrol dogs are allowed.
  2. Dogs and pets transported in special transport containers are allowed. It must be ensured that they do not disturb other passengers.
  3. Dogs that are registered in the Municipal Pet Register and carry an ID chip are allowed to travel on Barcelona Metro under the following conditions:
    • Dogs must be muzzled from the moment they enter the Metro station.In addition, dogs must be on a non-extensible leash and must not be more than 50 cm away from the handler. Of course, they are not allowed to be transported on the seats of the Metro.
    • Travel times for dogs:
      From 11 September to 24 June, dogs are not allowed on the Metro from 7.00am to 9.30am and between 5.00pm and 7.00pm.
      In summer, on weekends and public holidays, dogs are allowed on the Metro at all times. However, if the metro is overcrowded, dogs may not be allowed.
    • Only one dog per adult person. The dog handler / dog owner is liable for misbehaviour and possible damages.
Dog pet metro barcelona

Dog in the Barcelona metro – actually, he should wear a muzzle (Image: A.Bhat, CC 2.0 licence)

By metro from El Prat Airport to Barcelona city centre

Barcelona El Prat Airport is located about 15 km southwest of the city centre of Barcelona. The Barcelona Metro offers a good and fast connection from El Prat Airport to the city centre.

However, some special regulations apply to the tickets.

Here you can find out all about journey times, stops and our tips for buying tickets.

Airport El Prat Metro

El Prat Barcelona Airport: The metro offers a fast, direct and cheap connection to the city centre of Barcelona (Image: Iberia Airlines, CC 2.0 License)

El Prat Barcelona Airport stop – how long do you need for a metro ride to the city centre?

Since 2016, El Prat Barcelona Airport has been connected to the city’s metro network. Both Terminal 1 and Terminal 2 have their own metro stop. They are located under the terminal buildings and are well signposted.

A metro leaves for the city centre every 7 min. The journey time is about 31 minutes.

The metro is a fast and reliable connection to the city centre. It is much more predictable than the congested road traffic.

Each of the two terminals at El Prat Barcelona Airport has its own metro stop (Image: Canaan, CC 4.0 licence)

How much does a ticket cost to travel by metro to the city centre?

Attention when buying a ticket: The regular single tickets or 10-trip T-Casual card are NOT valid for the journey to and from the airport!

For visitors to the city who are not staying for several weeks, these two options are practical:

Option 1

You buy the special “Airport Ticket” from the ticket machine. It costs €10.30 for a return trip for anyone over the age of 4 (as of 2023).

Our tip: Option 2

hola bcn ticket Many visitors to the city opt for the “HolaBCN!” ticket. This is a multi-day ticket that gives you unlimited use of all local transport in Barcelona (metro, bus, tram). It is also valid on the airport line of the metro. With the “HolaBCN!” card, you save the €10.30 for the metro ticket.

Current prices for the HolaBCN! Ticket (2023):
2 days / 48h validity: 16.40 Euro
3 days / 72h validity: 23.80 Euro
4 days / 96h validity: 31 Euro
5 days / 120h validity: 38.20 Euro

For a 48h HolaBCN! Ticket you pay 6.10 euros more than for the “Airport Ticket”, but you can use local transport for 48 hours free of charge. This pays off quickly and is uncomplicated, because you no longer have to deal with the fare system for the other tickets.

Tip: You can buy the “Hola BCN” card online before your trip at no extra charge via this website – click here –
This saves time and stress abroad.

 Barcelona local transport: More information on tickets, fares and prices 2023.

 Hola Barcelona Travel Card (Hola BCN!): More information.

Without changing trains, take the Barcelona Metro from the airport to the city centre?

The metro line “L9 Sud”, which goes to El Prat Airport, has 15 stops:

  • Aeroport T1 (Airport Terminal 1)
  • Aeroport T2 (Airport Terminal 2)
  • Mas Blau
  • Parc Nou
  • Cèntric
  • El Prat Estació
  • Les Moreres
  • Mercabarna
  • Parc Logístic
  • Fira
  • Europa | Fira
  • Can Tries | Gornal
  • Torrassa
  • Collblanc
  • Zona Universitària

Map Airport metro line l9sud

This allows you to reach the central places in the city centre with just one change.

 Map of the Barcelona Metro with all lines

Coronavirus / Covid-19

Corona Virus Covid 19 Local Transport MetroSpain and Catalonia have been hit hard by the Covid-19 pandemic. Therefore, these are some of the rules that apply on the Barcelona Metro and buses:

  • The use of a mask is mandatory in public transport. The mask must always cover the mouth and nose and must not be removed for talking or eating/drinking.
  • Use of public transport is prohibited under all circumstances if you have been diagnosed with coronavirus or if you have symptoms of Covid-19 disease.
  • Avoid talking on public transport.
  • Use transport outside peak hours if possible.
  • Leave enough space between you and other passengers when validating tickets and at access controls.
  • Spread out as much as possible on metro trains and buses.

Rules and the danger situation in Barcelona can change quickly.
Always follow information from official sources, e.g. the current country-specific travel advice from your authorities.
The decision to start a journey and the behaviour on site is your sole responsibility. We cannot accept any liability or guarantee for possible damage.

Do not use information from this website as a basis for health-related decisions. Always consult a doctor if you have any health questions.

Masks are compulsory on the Barcelona Metro and all local transport. (Image: P.Sableman, CC 2.0 licence)

Funicular de Montjuïc – part of the Metro Barcelona

The well-known funicular Montjuïc connects the metro station “Paral-lel” (line L2, L3) with the hill Montjuïc. The Funicular de Montjuïc is part of the public transport system and is listed in many metro line maps.

The Funicular de Montjuïc is very popular with visitors to the city. You can use the same tickets as on the metro. (Image: © Yeagov_Cat)

For the cable car “Telefèric de Montjuïc”, on the other hand, you need extra tickets. (Image: © @joanlopezphoto)

Montjuïc – lots of history – great view

The hill Montjuïc is only 127 m high. Due to its location directly on the Mediterranean Sea and the river Llobregat, it has always been of strategic importance. The name is of Latin origin and means “Jewish mountain”.

The hill is very popular with visitors to the city. It offers a great view and many photo opportunities. The beautiful park was created for the 1929 World’s Fair. The hill is also home to many sports facilities and the magnificent national palace “Palau Nacional”.

Besides a great view, the Montjuïc hill also offers numerous sights, such as the national palace “Palau Nacional” (Photo: © Alejandro Medina)

Tickets for the Funicular Montjuïc

The Funicular Montjuïc works similarly to the metro. There are two stations, the bottom station “Paral-lel” and the top station “Parc de Montjuïc”. You can use the same tickets as for the metro, the practical day ticket “Hola BCN Travel Card” is also valid here.

Frequently asked questions to our travel guide – FAQ 2023

The metro in Barcelona is cheap. A single ticket costs €2.40 in 2023.
Interesting for visitors to the city is the day ticket “Hola BCN”. With the “Hola BCN” ticket you can use the metro (incl. airport transfer), the city buses, the tram (Tram), the suburban train (Rodalies, zone 1), the suburban trains (FGC, zone 1) and the funicular / funicular railway (Funicular de Montjuïc) for an unlimited period of validity (2, 3, 4 or 5 days).
More information and tips can be found in our online travel guide.

Currently (as of 2023), the metro network in Barcelona consists of 12 lines and 180 stops. You can find a map for download in our travel guide.

As the metro has been in operation since 1924, unfortunately not all stations are completely barrier-free or step-free. Although improvements are constantly being made, the retrofitting of lifts is extremely costly, especially in the old stations.

Currently, (as of 2022), 8 of the almost 190 stations are not completely barrier-free and cannot be used without restrictions by wheelchair users or prams. You can find a list on our website.

Barcelona El Prat Airport is located about 15 km southwest of the city centre of Barcelona. The Barcelona Metro offers a good and fast connection from El Prat Airport to the city centre, as the airport has its own metro station.
However, some special rules apply to tickets / travel cards. Tips on how to save time and money when buying tickets can be found in our travel guide

Here are the most important regulations for metro journeys with dogs:

  1. Assistance dogs, guide dogs and patrol dogs are allowed
  2. Dogs and pets transported in special carriers are allowed. It must be ensured that they do not disturb other passengers.
  3. Dogs that are registered in the municipal pet registry and carry an ID chip are allowed to travel on Barcelona Metro, subject to certain conditions.

More information about this in our travel guide.

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