Parking at Barcelona El Prat Airport

Barcelona El Prat offers several parking options for travellers arriving at the airport in their own vehicle.

There is a wide range of options, prices vary widely and parking spaces can be booked up at short notice. For this reason, we recommend that you find out about your parking options well in advance.

In this airport guide we have summarised our experiences and tips for finding a parking space at the airport.


How do I find a suitable and cheap car park at the airport? – Our experience

Airport parking can be costly, with prices at Barcelona-El Prat airport reaching up to 62 euros per day. Finding a parking space shortly before departure can be stressful and time-consuming. During peak travel season, cheap parking spaces are quickly fully booked.

To avoid this, we recommend booking a parking space online in advance.

From our point of view, booking online in time has several advantages:

  1. The parking space is guaranteed to be available to you.
  2. You already know where the parking lot is located and how to get from there to the terminal (= information advantage).
  3. Price advantage: You can benefit from online discounts and special offers.
  4. Time saving: No more searching for a parking space on the day of departure.
  5. With most providers, you can easily change your reservation or even cancel it free of charge.
  6. In our experience, another major advantage of online booking is clearly the reduction in stress!

This is a recommended booking platform for parking spaces at Barcelona-El Prat Airport in English.

airport parking el prat bcn

Barcelona-El Prat Airport offers a wide range of parking spaces, but they can fill up quickly, especially during peak season. It is advisable to check availability and make a reservation in advance.

Parking lots/parking garages at Barcelona-El Prat Airport – Overview Terminal 1 & Terminal 2

Barcelona-El Prat Airport has two terminals, T1 and T2, each with its own parking facilities. The parking options vary depending on your departure or arrival terminal, and include differences in location, price, services, and target group (short-term/long-term parkers).

Here are a few of the various parking options available at Barcelona-El Prat Airport, along with their current charges.

Parking at Terminal 1

Parking garage AENA Barcelona-El Prat Aeropuerto T1 (General car park T1)

  • Large, modern parking garage with more than 9000 parking spaces
  • Ideal for short-term parkers (< 4 days)
  • Open 24/7
  • 3 minutes’ walk to the terminal: easy access to the departures and arrivals areas
  • Parking fees 2024:
    charged at a rate of 7 cents per minute
    8 hours parking: 18 euros
    4 days parking: 62 euros

Map Parking T1 BCN

AENA – VIP Parking Terminal 1

  • Premium parking service directly in front of the terminal
  • An AENA employee will park your vehicle, and it will be ready and waiting for you when you return.
  • Offers the highest level of parking comfort
  • Parking fees 2024:
    8 hours parking: 35 euros
    4 days parking: 120 euros
VIP Parking Terminal

The VIP parking spaces are located directly in front of the terminal.

Express parking spaces at Terminal 1

Please note: These parking spaces cannot be reserved online in advance!
They are located directly at the terminal and are ideal for short-stay parkers who want to pick up passengers from the airport or drop them off directly in front of the terminal. The first 10 minutes are free of charge and the maximum parking time is 24 hours.

Parking at Terminal 2

Parking garages AENA Barcelona-El Prat Aeropuerto T2 (General car park T2)

  • You will find these parking garages directly in front of areas T2-A and T2-C of Terminal 2. There is an outdoor car park in section T2-B.
  • Opening hours: 24/7
  • Ideal for short-term parkers (< 4 days)
  • 3–4 minutes’ walk to Terminal 2
  • Parking fees 2024:
    8 hours parking duration: 18 euros
    4 days parking duration: 48 euros

Parking T1 BCN

AENA – VIP parking Terminal 2

  • Premium parking service with parking directly in front of Terminal 2 (section T2 – B)
  • the vehicle is parked by an AENA employee in a secure parking lot. Upon return, it will be returned to the parking lot in front of the terminal.
  • Parking fees 2024:
    8 hours parking: 35,- Euro
    4 days parking: 120,- Euro

Terminal 2 Express Parking

The Terminal 2 Express car parks are located directly on the road leading to Terminal 2 Departures and Arrivals (Areas A, B, C). They are ideal for short stays, for picking up or dropping off directly at the terminal. The first 10 minutes are free. The maximum parking time is 24 hours.

Please note: These parking spaces cannot be reserved online in advance!

VIP Parking Terminal 2 BCN

The individual areas of Terminal 2 A, B and C all have their own parking spaces. VIP and express parking spaces can also be found directly in front of the terminal (Image: ©Elliott Brown)

Our tip: You can compare parking prices and book online in advance at this website – click here

Long Stay Car Park at Barcelona-El Prat Airport

The official AENA Long Stay car park at Barcelona-El Prat Airport (Larga Estancia Barcelona Aeropuerto AENA) is located a little further away from the two terminals. It offers both covered and open spaces, particularly suitable for longer stays.

There is a free shuttle service to the terminal, which runs around the clock every 15–20 minutes. The journey to Terminal 1 takes approximately 3 minutes and to Terminal 2 approximately 5 minutes.
ATTENTION: You should take this travel time and the waiting time for the shuttle into account when planning your arrival time at the airport!

Parking fees 2024: Without a reservation, a parking space for 1 week costs 105 euros. With an online reservation/booking, however, you pay 61 euros.

Longstay car park bcn

Parking near the airport – often a cheaper alternative

  • Outside the airport, there are a number of car park operators (e.g. hotels, etc.) that offer parking at lower prices.
  • These parking options can be significantly cheaper, especially for longer stays.
  • Many of these companies offer a shuttle service to and from the airport.
  • It is worth comparing prices and services in advance.

Our tip: You can compare and conveniently book parking online via this website – click here

Frequently asked questions – FAQ 2024

Barcelona-El Prat Airport is the second-busiest airport in Spain. Travellers arriving by car have a wide choice of parking options.

A parking space at the airport can cost up to 62 euros per day. Due to the large number of parking spaces and the wide range of prices, it is advisable to find a parking space in advance.

You can find more tips and information on parking at Barcelona airport in our online airport guide.

Barcelona-El Prat Airport offers a wide range of parking facilities.

  • Short term parking
  • Long Stay Parking
  • VIP parking
  • Parking outside the airport with shuttle service

For more tips and information on parking at Barcelona Airport, please visit our Online Airport Guide.